Policy Intervention

People’s Action for Public Policy and Law & A Pressure Group Safeguarding the Rights of the Marginalized Sections & Freedom of Expression


Apart from its direct work on secular education, cultural action for pluralism, secularism and democracy, and youth activism, Anhad sees a major role for itself in building continuous civil society pressure for public policy and law for secular democracy and social justice. ANHAD works as a strong pressure group and is constantly intervening in policy making, organizing media campaigns. Anhad directly assists a large number of people in taking up their cases of discrimination. Anhad activists continuously assist various national, international human rights teams, activists, journalists and researchers with their studies in various parts of India. Anhad sends fact finding teams and responds to incidents of caste, gender & communal violence and discrimination to the best of its abilities.


Hundreds of statements, memorandums have been issued by Anhad. Fact finding teams sent to various parts of the country.Anhad actively participated actively in the 11th and 12th Five Year Plan process.