About us

The urgency to intervene in defence of democracy, secularism and justice has never been more pressing than in the conditions prevailing in the country today. There is a recognizable change in the general tenor of public discourse; unlike in the past, it is informed more by the communal than by secular ethos. The prejudices against minorities are widely shared as a result of motivated and sustained propaganda.

Recent Anhad Activities


When lockdown was announced due to #Covid19 , we realized that the only way to deal with Coronavirus is to socially isolate ourselves. A large number of people were going to be staying at home and they are just not used to it. Anhad decided on one hand to provide food and rations to the marginalized communities and on the other to organize online activities to meaningfully engage people.


Anhad, Dwarka Collective, Dwarka एकसाथ and Pehchan started their Food for the Marginalised programme on March 26th, 2020. During the first and second phase of Lock down supported by individuals and a few organizational supporters we received both financial as well as donations in kind.


The 76 page report, released on October 12, 2019 is divided into different chapters: The Big Picture or Why We Wrote It, Who We Are , Civil Disobedience, Trauma, Radicalization, Extremism and the loss of a middle ground , Fear , Disunion , Love and resilience ,Recommendations , Annexures- Citizens outside J & K, Voices from Kargil, Govt notices.

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