Gender Equality

Community Work, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment


Anhad’s community work over the past 16 years includes Literacy, Computer Education, Vocational Training, and Supporting Education of children from underprivileged sector, Sports and cultural activities at village level, village development through building pressure groups at the village level, running youth clubs, women empowerment centres and resource centres at the village, Tehsil level. Anhad has also organized many health camps in places where there are no health facilities available. Awareness camps on various issues such as health and hygiene, literacy etc are organized on regular basis with the community. Anhad has organised a large number of women conventions and gender based trainings to women who attended the women empowerment centres in Kashmir, Bihar, Mewat and in Gujarat.


Till 2012 -13 Anhad had presence in over 30 villages across Bihar, J & K and Haryana. Anhad has provided vocational training and literacy to over 500 women in Bihar, 300 women in Mewat, Haryana and approximately 10,000 girls, boys and women have been given literacy and vocational training. In Bihar women have been trained to make jute bags and door mats and rugs, in Kashmir they do crewel embroidery, gabba making, many young girls have learnt computers and taken primary health worker training. In Kashmir villages we had vibrant youth clubs where young people organized tournaments, cultural programmes and play indoor games. A large number of social work students from Kashmir University volunteered to intern and work in the villages on regular basis.